Monday, October 28, 2013

Daily 5 success!

So I have intoduced all of the daily 5 components except for read to someone. We have built up our stamina to 15 minutes to each of the daily 5 components except I couldn't ever let go of all the control and let them pick what they wanted to do. I have given them 2 different choices but never all of them. So today I decided it was time. I knew I was either going to sink or float. I picked my 3 students who needed to read to me and told the rest of the class to make a choice and get busy. Next thing I know my principal walks in to check on my computer. (It totally crashed today...which  means no projector, no mimio, no technology...but that's a whole other story). He was so amazed by what he was seeing he decided to stay a while. I saw him just walking around the room at first. Then he stopped and asked some kids doing word work what they were doing. I saw him read a journal that another student was writing. Then he went over to the listening center and watched the kids listen to reading. Then he sat down at my round table and listened to my 3 students and myself reading a book.  The whole time I was trying to figure out what he was thinking. At the end of the day he asked me if I was doing Daily 5 earlier. I told him yes and today was the first day I let go and truly did Daily 5. He said he would have never known. He said my kids were so engaged and enjoyed what they were doing, plus he couldn't believe how quiet my class was. I am totally loving Daily 5 and it has completely refreshed my teaching career!!  

How is Daily 5 going in your room?  Do you give your students free choice every time or do you tell them where they are going??

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